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We love our Sash & Belle stockists and we would like you to get to know them, we asked Bruce and Deb from Beaut-T-Ful Bags (Deb Cash-Campbell) located in the beautiful Blue Mountains four questions, this is what they said: 1. What inspired your to open BEYOND BEAUT-T-FUL BAGS? BEAUT-T-FUL BAGS began as a party plan / market, festival business when we saw a unique range of handbags at a trade show. In 2012 we both faced redundancy from a national retail chain and with much trepidation and loads of encouragement we moved the business into a shop front at Winmalee. The bu..
The Essential Work Jacket
What are you reaching for when its chilly, and want to cover up with if you’re out and about anytime during the day? Your work jacket of course. You’ll want to finish most oufits with a jacket that compliments your figure and frames the top half of your body and the rest of your outfit. A black blazer with a relaxed open waterfall front is a timeless classic that will flatter most body shapes. A lined jacket will help smooth out any clothing lines underneath and a long sleeve allows versatility. If you want to roll those sleeves you can! A T-shi..
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Should your shoes match your handbag?

For decades ladies have contemplated this incredibly important question, and let’s be honest, unless we are super-rich, having matching shoes and handbags for every outfit is an indulgence not many of us can afford, but then, do we really need too?

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Our 5 tips looking after your mind, body & soul
Sash & Belle is my passion and I love working on and in my business but I also have a day job in the public service so I feel like I am always busy, stressed and anxious so I must look after myself or I may crumble in a heap. Here are my 5 tips for looking after yourself. Take some ME time Do what you love, whether that is reading a book, going for a walk, going to the movies or having a massage. I am sure you have many items on your to-do list and if you are a Mum there is always something you will need to be doing for the kids or they are asking you to do. Be selfish jus..
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The Perry baby bag - must have items to pack

You work hard and you're always on the move. You deserve a bag that will assist you with your daily task. The Perry tote bag is a smart fashion choice, because it doubles as a stylishly cute baby bag, and a tote for work or travel. This means that you can carry your baby's essential items and yours as well.

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A story from one tired Mum, wife and business woman

On a weekly basis I am ready to chuck it all in but then I think about why I started Sash & Belle and what I want to achieve. I started Sash & Belle because being my own boss makes me happy and I love designing handbags that are functional and will help women in their everyday lives. I want to make women feel good about themselves, confident in their handbag and above all help them to be organised. We are so busy these days, running from work to other activities or to pick children up, to sports and back home again to get dinner ready (and everything else in between). I want to provide those women with their choice of bag that helps them be the person they want to be.

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5 Must-Have handbags for Spring/Summer

With a new season, comes new trends and we don’t know a lady who doesn’t like a brand spanking new handbag! We’ve put together our favourite and most popular styles for spring/summer 2016-17.

What's in this spring!

Spring has sprung and this season is all about classic, beautiful, figure loving pieces combined with oversized earrings and cute mini bags. 

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What jacket to wear with what dress

I am heading to Fashfest tonight, I have my dress and high heels chosen and I don’t want to ruin the look with the wrong jacket to keep me warm. Maybe some of you stumble with achieving the right look too? So I have pulled together some tips on what jacket to wear with what dress for you.

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Dress Me Up - Embrace your Style

This Dress Me Up – Embrace your Style fashion event is being held on Saturday 8 October at the CARDIF Collective in Kingston, Canberra from 3pm – 6pm.

New direction – Sash & Belle is growing and changing

From little things big things grow! We started Sash & Belle in February 2014 and after 2 ½ years in business it is time to take stock of where we have been and where we want to go. We thought we would share with you our future direction.

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Autumn/Winter 2016 Fashion Trends

Winter has finally arrived and now everyone (including me) is looking in their wardrobe trying to work out what they wore last winter, finding those clothes tucked in the back of your cupboard and thinking “did I really wear that” or “that’s a little old now”. So it is time to hit the shops and find some new clothes.

My story - finally a nappy bag that doesn’t suck! and the beauty of it, sheer versatility!

The Sash & Belle ‘Perry’ tote is stylish, functional, and long enough to fit a laptop; this bag will carry literally everything you need including the breast pump. Keep going to read more

HANDBAGS MAY BE TAX DEDUCTIBLE, now there is another reason for you to buy a new handbag!

How to choose the right style handbag

Finding the right handbag is a surprisingly personal and often a difficult task. Here are some tips to help you:

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